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Iolanthe 2012


or, The Peer and the Peri

Performances were March 29 – April 1, 2012:IMG_1659_size
Thursday (Preview Night), Friday, and Saturday March 29, 30, & 31, 8:00 PM
Sunday April 1, 2:00 PM (matinee)

IOLANTHE was written in the late 1800s, but the story is particularly appropriate for this election year. Although it concerns Britain’s Parliament, the rivalry between the two Houses applies equally well to our own Congress. Does the song phrase “they did nothing in particular and did it very well” sound familiar these days? To add to the fun and confusion, a band of fairies (in Victorian Steampunk garb) gets involved both in the political process and the private love lives of the politicians. There is comedy, song and dance, beautiful costumes, and a full orchestra.

directed by: Derrick Ivey
music direction by: Alan Riley Jones

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Tickets for our performances are available from a Durham Savoyards cast, staff, or orchestra member; by phone or in person from the Carolina Theatre; or from TicketMaster.

Our director, Derrick Ivey, has set up his own blog for the show. His blog usually has interesting rehearsal-by-rehearsal accounts throughout the production process.

The many people involved in putting together 2012’s big musical show, Iolanthe. Would you like to join us? We could use volunteers!


publicity photos by Joe Cohn

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