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Auditions for Ruddigore

Rehearsals for Ruddigore will begin Friday, January 5th, 2018.

We encourage you to audition for our next show, Gilbert & Sullivan’s Ruddigore to be performed April 12-15, 2018.  Auditions will be:

Sunday, December 3rd, 2-6pm at the Durham Arts Council (Duke Power Room, 2nd floor)
Tuesday, December  5th, 6:30-9:30pm at the Durham Arts Council (Duke Power Room, 2nd floor)
Thursday, December 7th, 6:30-9pm at the Durham Arts Council (Duke Power Room, 2nd floor)

To schedule an audition, please email

Principal Auditions

 [Note: Ruddigore selections not yet posted]

Interested in a principal role? Please look at the recommended principals’ audition selection for each show: [TBD]
Our pianist will already have sheet music for the selections listed there. You may choose to sing another selection in lieu of the one listed if you feel it will better demonstrate your ability to sing the role in question. If so, please follow the Chorus guidelines given below. But we strongly prefer the recommended selection, and we may ask you to sing a brief excerpt from it if you sing something different.

If you are called back, you’ll be asked to sing call-back ensemble selections.

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Chorus Auditions

If you wish to audition for the chorus (or to sing an alternate selection for a role), please sing a selection of your own choice not to exceed two minutes in length. If you would like for our pianist to accompany you, please bring sheet music in the key in which you will be singing. Or you may provide your own accompanist, accompany yourself, or sing unaccompanied.


Rehearsals will begin Friday, January 5th.  Rehearsals are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings plus Sunday afternoons. In the early weeks particularly, not all cast members will be called to every rehearsal. Please count on being called more often as the production dates approach and having to be available for all rehearsals & performances from April 2-15, 2018.
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Audition Particulars

Like to audition for the next show, but don’t know how to prepare?
Take a look at these general notes taken from prior years’ audition tips!

Your initial audition will be very short and will consist of one song selection and a brief assessment of vocal range. For those auditioning for Principal parts, the callbacks will also focus primarily on vocals; singers will be asked to perform in various combinations of duets, trios and quartets to assess vocal blend. Auditioning actors should also consider the vocal portion of the evening as an acting audition. The Directors will be looking for chemistry between actors as well as personality and the ability to convey character and story via music.

The callbacks will conclude with a brief acting assessment during which actors will read short scenes from the script. Again, the Directors will be looking for chemistry between actors as well as stage presence and storytelling ability. They will also be assessing actors attentiveness to detail and ability to take direction. It is a good idea for actors to be familiar with the characters and with the libretto if possible. No audition scenes will be given out in advance. The Directors will want to see all actors addressing the text from the same point of view and, again, want to see how they rise to the challenge of taking direction and acting collaboratively and in the moment.

In short, the initial audition is to assess individual vocal qualities. The callbacks will focus on collaborative interaction with other singers/actors.

Vocal Range: It will save time if you already know your highest and lowest reliable note, so that you can jot them on the audition sheet. If you don’t know, we’ll find them during the audition.

Chorus: As always, those auditioning for chorus may sing anything they wish. “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” is a favorite fall-back choice. Or “Happy Birthday To You.” Or whatever. Be as plain or as fancy as you like, from any style of repertoire you like, but remember, brevity is a virtue! Two minutes or less, please. Choose something you know without thinking about it, just so we can hear the general quality of your voice. Please bring sheet music in the correct key, unless you plan to sing without accompaniment or to accompany yourself.

Royal Chorus: When performing in the Carolina Theatre we place choristers in the boxes alongside the stage to serve as additional singing forces.  These are crucial reinforcements to the choral sound, for which we need good solid self-sufficient singers. The time commitment is much less for Royal Chorus than for stage chorus, so please give a thought to auditioning for the Royals, even if you can’t make time for the full rehearsal schedule. Or please consider keeping this as an option during auditions. You’ll have a good seat for every performance, plus the fun of singing along.

Principals: It is preferred that principals sing the selection indicated for each role of interest. These selections will be posted here in a separate page.
You may use the listed selection (which is the music director’s strong preference), or you may sing another Gilbert and Sullivan piece of your own choosing if you feel that it demonstrates your ability to sing the role more favorably than the listed preferred selection.

If you sing the preferred selection, we will already have sheet music for the accompanist. If you use an alternate selection, please bring sheet music in the correct key, the key in which you will be singing. Please limit your selection to two minutes, even if you need to start within your piece to highlight the passages that best display your abilities.
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Audition Form

Please complete and bring with you two copies of the audition form.

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