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Production Staff:

Producer: Janell Lovelace; Assistants: Tanner Lovelace and Brittany Wagner
Artistic director and choreographer: Derrick Ivey; Assistant: Pam Guidry-Vollers; Intern: Ben Whitney
Composer / Music director (Thespis): Alan Riley Jones
Music Director (Trial by Jury): Jackson Cooper
Set designer: Derrick Ivey; CAD Assistant: Mark Welker
Technical director:  Jeff Alguire
Master carpenters: Bobby CameronBen Morgan
Paint designer / Scenic Artist: Charles Guidry
Lighting designer: Andy Parks
Sound designer: Brandon Dale
Stage manager: Donna Cavallo; Assistant: Anna Thomson
House managers: Lisa Hirsh, Noelle Paull
Box office:  Marcia Bridges, Pam Kadzielawski, Katherine Zeph
Sing-through and audition accompanists: Lori Anderson
Rehearsal accompanists:  Cheryl Crews, Betty Romani, Lori Anderson
Costume designer / costumer: Karen Guidry
Costume assistants / dressers: Lyle Bass, Karen Lehmann
Hair & make-up designer: Pam Guidry-Vollers
Properties designer / manager: Meaghan Morgan
Properties assistants: HD Cross, Mary Elizabeth Guy, Cathy Lambe, Teme Levbarg, Sonja Likness, Ben Morgan, Pat Roos, Mark Welker
Set construction and painting crew: Lyle Bass, Randy Bridges, Irina Bunnage, Alan Colborn, Megan Colborn, HD Cross, Tracy Delius, Houston Horn, Derek Lane, Janell Lovelace, Richard Palmer, Nick Staffa, Courtney Thornton, Shiangtai Tuan, Mark Welker
Run Crew Chief: Ben Morgan
Run Crew:  Bobby Cameron, HD Cross, LeAnne Ding, Ray Ubinger,  and Mark Welker
Rehearsal Venue Coordinators: Karen Gray, Noelle Paull
Warehouse and storage manager: Charles Guidry
Warehouse angels: Marcia Bridges, Juliana Fisher, Mary Freedman, Mary Elizabeth Guy, Meaghan Morgan, Courtney Thornton, Ruth Winecker
Wardrobe mistress: Karen Guidry
Publicity: Bruce Conner, Elizabeth Hankla, Courtney Thornton
Social chair: Meaghan Morgan
Graphic designers: Derrick Ivey, Katherine Zeph
Photographer:  Mark Welker
Videographer:  John Paul Middlesworth
Program designer: Katherine Zeph
Program back cover & DVD cover designer:  Charles Register
Program editors: Norman Owen, David Smith
Ticket manager (Cast sales): Ada Brown
Ticket manager (Group sales): Cathy Lambe
Ushers:  Juliet Bellion, Sophie Cronin, Sonja Foust, Zaynah Gatling, David Lehmann, Laura O’Sullivan, Tobi Pledger, Scott Sino, Joseph Ventura
Website manager: Janell Lovelace
Database assistant: Beth Rowe



Gods and Olympians

Jupiter: Jim Burnette
Apollo: Dan Mason
Mars: Kent Parks
Diana: Olive McKrell
Mercury: Stuart Albert
Solo Star: Juliana Fisher
Chorus of Olympians: Marian Anders, Megan Colborn, Juliana Fisher, Hank Hankla, Cathy Lambe, Derek Lane, Hugh Mace, Richard Palmer, Pat Roos, David Smith, Courtney Thornton, Robin Trew, Shiangtai Tuan


Thespis: Steve Dobbins
Sillimon: Chris Newlon
Timidon: Sam Warshauer
Sparkeion: Michael Rowe Understudy: Erin Conn
Nicemis: Mary Elisabeth Hirsh
Pretteia: Lily Fowler
Daphne: Elizabeth Hankla
Tipseion: Ada Brown
Cymon: Kim Kingsley
Chorus of Thespians:  Kaylee Almond, Ada Brown, Irina Bunnage, Christine Eckermann-Ross, Pam Guidry-Vollers, Mary Elizabeth Guy, Houston Horn, Kim Kingsley, Matt McKrell, Bruce Stewart, James Vollers, Ruth Winecker

Trial by Jury


The Learned Judge: Jim Burnette
The Plaintiff (Angelina): Elizabeth Hankla
The Defendant (Edwin): Tyler Graeper,  Understudy: Sam Warshauer
Counsel for the Plaintiff: Michael Rowe
Usher: Bruce Conner
Foreman of the Jury: Houston Horn

Chorus of Jurors, Bridesmaids, and Gallery

Kaylee Allmond, Marion Anders, Ada Brown, Irina Bunnage, Steve Dobbins, Christine Eckermann-Ross, Juliana Fisher, Pam Guidry-Vollers, Mary Elizabeth Guy,Hank Hankla,  Kim Kingsley,Hugh Mace, Matt McKrell, Olive McKrell, Chris Newlon, Richard Palmer, Kent Parks, Kaye Pluth, Mike Pluth, Pat Roos, David Smith, Bruce Stewart, James Vollers, Sam Warshauer

The Durham Savoy Opera Orchestra:

Concertmaster: Frederic Ayala
Orchestra Manager: Tanner Lovelace

Violin I: Frederic Ayala, Mark Furth, Lee Hong
Violin II: Margueritte Cox, Rebecca Lee
Viola: Norton Dickman, Nicolle Tulve
Cello: Julius Prescott, James Tyler-Walker
Double Bass: Tanner Lovelace
Clarinet: Mérida Negrete, Shirley Violand-Jones
Oboe: Nancy Wilson
Bassoon:  Charles Gragg
Flute:  Joanna Sisk-Purvis (sub: Kathy Register)
Flute / Piccolo:  Jenni Scoggin
Trumpet:  Bruce Klitzman, Kathy Silbiger
Trombone:  Randy Guptill, Christina Thompson
French Horn:  Richard Lehner, Sandy Svoboda
Percussion:  Bill Hayes