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There are a huge number of people who contribute to any production. Contact us if you want to help with our fall shows!

Production Staff:

Producer: Janell Lovelace; Assistants: Tanner Lovelace and Brittany Wagner
Artistic director and choreographer: Derrick Ivey; Assistant: Pam Guidry-Vollers; Intern: Ben Whitney
Composer / Music director (Thespis): Alan Riley Jones
Music Director (Trial by Jury): Jackson Cooper
Set designer: Derrick Ivey
Sing-through and audition accompanists: Lori Anderson
Rehearsal accompanists:  Cheryl Crews, Betty Romani, Lori Anderson
Technical director:  Jeff Alguire
Master carpenter: Bobby Cameron; Assistant: Ben Morgan
Paint designer / Scenic Artist:
Lighting designer:
Stage manager: Donna Cavallo; Assistant: Anna Thomson
House manager: 
Dance captain: Pam Guidry-Vollers
Costume designer / costumer: Karen Guidry
Costume assistants / dressers: 
Hair & make-up designer: Pam Guidry-Vollers
Properties designer / manager: Meaghan Morgan
Properties assistants: 
Set construction and painting crew:
Run Crew:
Rehearsal Venue Coordinator: Karen Gray
Warehouse and storage manager: Charles Guidry
Wardrobe mistress: Karen Guidry
Publicity: Bruce Conner, Elizabeth Hankla
Social chair: Meaghan Morgan
Graphic designers: Derrick Ivey, Katherine Zeph
Photographer:  Mark Welker
Program designer: Katherine Zeph
Program back cover & DVD cover designer:  Charles Register
Program editors: Norman Owen, David Smith
Ticket manager (Cast sales): Ada Brown
Ticket manager (Group sales): Cathy Lambe
Website manager: Janell Lovelace
Database assistant: Beth Rowe



Gods and Olympians

Jupiter: Jim Burnette
Apollo: Dan Mason
Mars: Kent Parks
Diana: Olive McKrell
Mercury: Stuart Albert
Solo Star: Juliana Fisher
Chorus of Olympians: Marian Anders, Megan Colborn, Juliana Fisher, Hank Hankla, Cathy Lambe, Derek Lane, Hugh Mace, Richard Palmer, Pat Roos, David Smith, Nick Staffa, Courtney Thornton, Robin Trew, Shiangtai Tuan


Thespis: Steve Dobbins
Sillimon: Chris Newlon
Timidon: Sam Warshauer
Sparkeion: Michael Rowe Understudy: Erin Conn
Nicemis: Mary Elisabeth Hirsh
Pretteia: Lily Fowler
Daphne: Elizabeth Hankla
Tipseion: Ada Brown
Cymon: Kim Kingsley
Chorus of Thespians:  Kaylee Almond, Ada Brown, Irina Bunnage, Christine Eckermann-Ross, Pam Guidry-Vollers, Mary Guy, Houston Horn, Kim Kingsley, Matt McKrell, Bruce Stewart, James Vollers, Ruth Winecker

Trial by Jury


The Learned Judge: Jim Burnette
The Plaintiff (Angelina): Elizabeth Hankla
The Defendant (Edwin): Tyler Graeper,  Understudy: Sam Warshauer
Counsel for the Plaintiff: Michael Rowe
Usher: Bruce Conner
Foreman of the Jury: Houston Horn

Chorus of Jurors, Bridesmaids, and Gallery

Soprano: Irina Bunnage, Juliana Fisher, Pam Guidry-Vollers, Mary Elizabeth Guy, Kaye Pluth
Alto: Marion Anders, Ada Brown, Christine Eckermann-Ross, Kim Kingsley, Olive McKrell
Tenor: Hank Hankla, Hugh Mace, Matt McKrell, Chris Newlon, Mike Pluth, Pat Roos, Sam Warshauer
Bass: Steve Dobbins, Richard Palmer, Kent Parks, David Smith, Bruce Stewart, James Vollers