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  • Keep up to date on CMS, Any Plugins, and security updates
  • Work with Publicity chair to update and maintain site with details on upcoming shows, past shows, and other information as required by the board
  • Understand CMS we are using, any plugins, and appropriate web technologies to keep website current
  • Maintain settings on hosting of the site to ensure email accounts and forwarding is reflective of current board members and other assigned positions (i.e. concert manager, publicity, etc.)
  • Maintain appropriate backups of website, at least yearly, and more frequently during yearly performance season
  • Ensure that the domain-name and hosting fees are paid and submitted to the business manager in a timely manner to ensure that the web presence is maintained
  • Provide Board with yearly updates on website statistics
  • Annually update the list of board members and awards
  • Make sure that the front page always highlights what we want followers to be thinking about – upcoming shows, ticket sales, auditions, etc.
  • Each year as soon as possible after the show, migrate that show to the archive section and start promoting the following year’s show
  • Integrate photos as they become available, and try to add them throughout the website
  • As time allows, use available archive materials to increase the number of shows featured in the “past shows” section