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Stage Manager

  • Responsible for tracking rehearsal and conflicts calendars
  • Attend all staging and choreography rehearsals
  • Note all blocking and choreography, original and any changes, during all rehearsals
  • Keep running list of props and forward information to Properties Designer after each rehearsal
  • Main point of contact between cast members and directors/choreographer including, but not limited to, last minute conflicts/sickness
  • Communicate with cast members not present at rehearsals for which they are called without notice
  • Keep rehearsals on track (quiet, breaks, places, hold)
  • Make dressing room assignments for performance venue
  • Call cues from booth during tech rehearsals and run of show
  • Be on book for performers (lines, blocking) during rehearsals
  • Coordinate with Assistant Stage Manager to recruit a running crew as needed
  • Coordinate availability of first aid kit at rehearsals and restocking as needed
  • Cannot be a member of the cast