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  • Hire production team (Artistic Director, Music Director, Conductor, Choreographer, Accompanist(s), Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Set Designer, Costume Designer, Hair & Makeup Designer, Properties Designer, Program Designer, Master Carpenter, Properties Manager, Costumer, Paint Coordinator, Orchestra Manager). Oversee the processes managed by these positions to make sure all tasks are being accomplished on schedule.
  • Meet with Artistic Director to establish show concept to be communicated to design members of production team as well as publicity director. Work with Artistic Director to make sure that concept is being consistently followed throughout the design process.
  • Create rehearsal calendar based on dates in DAC grant. Negotiate any calendar changes that need to occur during the rehearsal process with DAC as necessary, making sure appropriate space is available for the planned rehearsal activities.
  • Cannot be a member of the cast
  • Order scores to be sold
  • Schedule sing through prior to auditions
  • Schedule auditions. Manage the audition process by greeting auditionees and controlling flow into audition space (producers are not present in the audition room.) Ensure that casting decisions are consistent with Savoyards established policies. Contact cast members to offer roles after auditions.
  • Arrange production team meetings
  • Create cast and tech email lists and establish guidelines for their use. Compile contact list to be distributed to cast and tech staff.
  • Propose budget for the production, in partnership with the Business Manager, to be approved by the board, and be sure the production team stays within that budget
  • Act as liaison between cast and technical/design staff
  • Communicate with performance venue staff as necessary
  • Be present for all tech week rehearsals and performances
  • Present a final show report to the Board of Governors as required by DSL bylaws
  • Verify that all necessary arrangements have been made for load-in and strike (transportation of sets, props, etc.)