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Music Director

  • Responsible for conducting auditions and call backs with the Artistic Director and Choreographer and casting the production based on those auditions
  • Responsible for choosing the edition of the score to be used for the production
  • Responsible for choosing musical audition selections and submitting them to the producer to be posted prior to the sing-through
  • Familiar with all music
  • Familiar with entire script, concept, and characterizations
  • Responsible for setting tempos/dynamics and communicate those clearly to performers, accompanists, orchestra members, and conductor
  • Coordinate rehearsals with Artistic Director & Choreographer and post calls for music rehearsals on the rehearsal calendar as far in advance as possible
  • Coordinate orchestra rehearsals with Orchestra Manager & Conductor
  • Fulfill duties of Conductor if that position is not filled separately
  • Cannot be a member of the cast