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Master Carpenter

  • Work with Artistic Director to get a clear understanding of the concept of the production
  • Meet regularly with Artistic Director, Set Designer, Technical Director, and Choreographer to discuss construction
  • Familiar with stage layout and fly grid for the performance venue
  • Coordinate with Warehouse Manager for access to the warehouse space
  • Schedule set building days starting early enough to allow time for completion of set no later than one week before production week
  • Supervise all set construction activity
  • Familiar with all tools used in the construction process; Responsible for safety checks, proper care and use of these tools during the construction process
  • Ensure all construction crew members are aware of and follow the safety regulations at all times
  • Arrange for a truck to be reserved to move the set from the warehouse to the theatre for load in as well as to move the set from the theatre back to the warehouse for strike; arrange a driver for the truck if not driving themselves
  • Keep cast and crew informed of the set building schedule and skills needed each week
  • Coordinate with Paint Coordinator to ensure construction is completed in a timely manner to allow for painting to be completed properly
  • Fulfill duties of DSL Technical Director if there is no DSL Technical Director for that production
  • Coordinate load in and strike schedule with DSL Technical Director (who will communicate with performance venue Technical Director)
  • Responsible for obtaining needed materials for set construction
  • Fulfill duties of Paint Coordinator if there is no Paint Coordinator for that production