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  • Work with Artistic Director to get a clear understanding of the concept of the production
  • Work closely with choreographer to be sure performers can perform choreography in the costumes and shoes
  • Work with Hair and Makeup Designer as needed to coordinate things such as gloves and hats that may be in direct contact with wigs or makeup
  • Work within show budget as presented by the producer and approved by the Board
  • Communicate with Wardrobe Manager concerning costume pieces available from DSL stock and coordinate pulling necessary pieces
  • Communicate with Costume Designer concerning designs to be constructed
  • Arrange for costume construction crew and backstage costume crew
  • Communicate with stage manager concerning needs for pockets and/or pouches that may be needed for props
  • Get measurements for all cast members
  • Available for all production week rehearsals and performances
  • Arrange for laundry and dry cleaning of costumes post-production
  • Coordinate return of all costume pieces to warehouse storage once cleaned
  • Cannot be a member of the cast