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People who Make it Happen

There are a huge number of people who contribute to any production. Contact us at volunteer {at} durhamsavoyards {dot} org if you want to help with Utopia Limited in 2014-2015!

Production Staff

Producer: Janell Lovelace; Assistant(s): Tanner Lovelace
Artistic Director and Choreographer: Derrick Ivey
Music Director: Alan Riley Jones
Assistant Choreographer: Pam Guidry-Vollers
Set Designers: Derrick Ivey and Bobby Cameron
Sing-Through Accompanist: Betty Romani
Audition Accompanist: Allen Bean
Rehearsal Accompanists: Allen Bean, Betty Romani
Set Realizer: Bobby Cameron; Assistants: Jon Nonnemacher, Susi Nonnemacher
Scenic Artists:
Lighting Designer: Jenni Becker
Stage Manager: Donna Cavallo; Assistant:
Costume Designer: Diane Woodard
Assistants: Katherine Zeph
Hair & Make-up Designer: Pam Guidry-Vollers;
Props Designer / Manager: Ben Morgan; Assistants:
Paint Design:
Painting Coordinator: Tracy Delius
Warehouse Manager: Charles Guidry
Move-in Coordinator and Theatre Liaison:
Wardrobe Mistress: Karen Guidry
Set Construction and Painting Team:
Running Crew:
Publicity: Sonja Foust
Social Chair: Katherine Zeph
Graphic Designer: Evelyn McCauley
Publicity Photos: Joe Cohn
Program Editor: Katherine Zeph
Program Back Cover Design:
Program Assistants:
Ticket Manager:
Website Manager: Janell Lovelace
Database Assistant: Kent Parks

Stage Cast - Principals

King Paramount the First (King of Utopia)    Jim Burnette
Scaphio (Judge of the Utopian Supreme Court)  Stuart Albert
Phantis (Judge of the Utopian Supreme Court) Steve Dobbins
Tarara (The Public Exploder) Chris Newlon
Calynx (The Utopian Vice-Chamberlain)
Imported Flowers of Progress
Lord Dramaleigh (A British Lord Chamberlain) Dan Mason
Captain Fitzbattleaxe (First Life Guards) Mitchener Howell
Captain Sir Edward Corcoran, K.C.B. (of the Royal Navy) Ray Ubinger
Mr. Goldbury (i> (A Company Promoter) Scott Sino
Sir Bailey Barre, Q.C., M.P. Michael Rowe
Mr. Blushington (Of the County Council) Kent Parks
The Princess Zara (Eldest Daughter of King Paramount) Kathleen Jasinskas
The Princess Nekaya (Her Younger Sister) Mary Elisabeth Hirsh
The Princess Kalyba (Another Younger Sister) Lauren Hussey
The Lady Sophy (i> (Their English Governante) Alana Sealy
Salata (Utopian Maiden)
Melene (Utopian Maiden)
Phylla (Utopian Maiden) Mary Guy

Islanders, Troopers, etc. (Stage Chorus)

Megan Colborn
Pam Guidry-Vollers
Mary Guy
Kim Kingsley
Allison Ruvidich
Ruth Winecker

Marian Anders
Ada Brown
Christine Eckermann-Ross
Mary Ann Freedman
Karen Gray
Kimberly Hirsh
Cathy Lambe
(Ruth Winecker)
(Marian Anders)
(Mary Ann Freedman)
Chris Newlon
Michael Rowe
Nick Staffa
Shiangtai Tuan

Houston Horn
Kent Parks
David Smith
Bruce Stewart
Ray Ubinger

Royal Chorus


Joyce Weiser

Hugh Mace

Bobby Cameron
Derek Lane


Orchestra Manager: Tanner Lovelace

Violin I:
Violin II:
String Bass:
French Horn:

photo by Joe Cohn

photo by Tracy Delius

photo by Tracy Delius

photo by Joe Cohn

photo by Tanner Lovelace

photo by Janell Lovelace