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Our Thespis Recording

Libretto and lyrics by W. S. Gilbert / Music by Alan Riley Jones and Arthur Sullivan

Recordings of Alan Riley Jones' "Thespis" music, as performed by the Durham Savoyards, are now available for purchase. The price is $10/each. Send a check, along with shipping address within the continental United States, to:

Durham Savoyards
120 Morris St.
Durham, NC 27701

Audio Samples

Words by W. S Gilbert, Music by Alan Riley Jones (except where noted)

For the smoothest listening experience, you might want to use the all samples embedded page.

From #4. Oh, I'm the Celestial Drudge
(272Kb 0:45)

From #5. Procession Of the Gods
(662Kb 1:52)

From #6. Oh, Incident Unprecedented
Jupiter, Diana, Apollo, Mercury, Mars
(663Kb 1:52)

From #8. Climbing over Rocky Mountains
(Music by Arthur Sullivan, adapted by Alan Riley Jones)

Timidon, Pretteia, Daphne, Sillimon, Chorus of Thespians
(1.49Mb 4:13)

From #9. I Once Knew a Chap
(367Kb 1:01)

From #11a. Entr'Acte: The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze
(Music by Arthur Sullivan, adapted by Alan Riley Jones)

Sparkeion, Nicemis
(297Kb 0:49)

From #12. Of All Symposia
Sillimon, Chorus of Thespians
(487Kb 1:22)

From #13. Little Maid Of Arcadee
(Though Sullivan's setting survives, this version is by Jones.)
(284Kb 0:47)

From #15. You're Diana, I'm Apollo
Sparkeion, Daphne, Nicemis, Thespis
(259Kb 0:43)

From #16. Oh, Rage and Fury
Jupiter, Mars, Apollo
(303Kb 0:50)

From #18. Finale Act II
Jupiter, Mars, Apollo, Chorus of Thespians
(623Kb 1:45)

Music Director: Alan Riley Jones *
Piano: J. Samuel Hammond *

Principal Cast
(doubling as chorus)
Thespis: Richard Dideriksen *
Mercury: John Adams *
Jupiter: Dwight Sullivan
Sparkeion: Chris Newlon *
Nicemis: Ann Marie Thomas *
Daphne: Evelyn McCauley *
Diana: Olive McKrell *
Apollo/Timidon: Michael Rowe *
Mars/Sillimon: Steve Dobbins *
Pretteia: Marie Snider
Solo Star: Karen Gray *

Additional Chorus
Pamela Guidry-Vollers *
Teme M. Levbarg *
Kay Bailey *
Lyle Bass
Carolyn Coolidge
Cathy Lambe *
Sandy Gerli
Bobby Cameron *
Houston Horn
David Smith *

* repeat from 2004 performance

Production Recording Engineer: Hubert Deans, Snow Hill Music
Executive Producer: Michael Rowe
Producer: Noelle Debora Paull
Art Design for CD: Evelyn McCauley

Music © 2004 Alan Riley Jones. All rights reserved.

Phonorecords © 2008 Durham Savoyards Ltd. All rights reserved.

These audio samples are provided for your private enjoyment and perusal only.

CD cover (designed by Evelyn McCauley)