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Durham Savoyards relies almost entirely on volunteers to do the many jobs necessary for each of our productions to keep the organization running year-round.

In addition, all cast members are expected to help out with some non-performing part of our production. The fact is, it’s fun work and also gives us a chance to meet each other outside of rehearsal (where we’re not supposed to talk too much, anyway).

Off-stage positions also include those who assist in the management of our website, use their contacts and marketing skills to ensure that the wider community knows that our shows are taking place and that they should be purchasing tickets, and use their graphics skills to work on publicity material.

We’d love you to join us by pitching in and helping us create our shows. We need help with everything from stuffing envelopes to sweeping floors in the warehouse to major set and costume construction.

If you’re interested in a particular area, please let our volunteer coordinator know by indicating your area of interest on the volunteer skills/interest form.

Off-Stage Positions

Here are just a few of the production jobs that have to be filled every year:

  • Set construction – Build platforms and set components, out of wood, under the supervision/instruction of the Master Carpenter based on designs submitted by the Set Designer. Experience levels can range from no experience at all (bolts need sorting, wood needs carrying, etc.!) to very experienced carpenters. Needed on Saturdays during the rehearsal months.
  • Set painting – Painting needs range from basic primer painting of the set pieces, which can be done by anyone who can follow directions in using a roller and/or paint brush, to detail painting done by select experienced crew members. Direction of the paint team is also done by the Paint Crew Manager. Needed on Saturdays during the mid-latter weeks of the rehearsal season.
  • Costume construction – Every sewing job imaginable: fabric cutting, simple and advanced sewing machine work, hand sewing jobs (buttons, etc.), glue gun, trim. Needed throughout the rehearsal season.
  • Make-up – Apply stage make-up to cast members. Crew begins working about two hours before each performance.
  • Stage crew – Help backstage during performances: move scenery, help with special effects. Crew needed during the week of the show.
  • Props – Create or find props to use on stage, handle placement of props backstage. Crew is directed by Props Manager. Needed during rehearsal season and the week of the show.
  • Program preparation – Word-processing, layout, proof-reading; also calling staff to remind them to hand in their information! Needed during rehearsal season.
  • Lobby crew – Help set up and man information tables and/or and ticket tables in the lobby, place signs, lobby decorations, and anything else that needs to be in place to greet the audience as they come into the theatre. Needed during the run of the show.
  • Many, many more – Lighting designer, Photographer, Videographer, Video Editor / Producer, Musical Accompanists, Stage Managers, Technical Director, Graphic Artist, Publicist, etc.

Interest Form

Click to download whichever format you prefer, fill it out, then return it to us by either e-mail or postal mail: