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Ticket Sales

Yes! We sell tickets to our own shows.

No need to be embarrassed; people actually want to see our shows, and your friends would probably love to see you doing your thing on stage or in the orchestra. At least the first time. Probably after that, too.

Also, if they buy tickets from you rather than directly from the Carolina Theater, they can save a little money. If they buy tickets from you rather than from Ticketmaster, they can save a *lot* of money – 20 to 40% of ticket price!

If it’s more convenient for them to order over the phone, though, that’s fine — the Carolina Theater is a fine old institution that deserves support, too. The important thing is that they come to the show.


Premium reserved seats (front half of the lower level and first three rows of the balcony) cost $__. There is also standard reserved admission seating for $__. Standard reserved admission tickets for children 12 years of age and younger cost $__.

All tickets for the performance on Thursday are general admission and cost only $__. This policy is designed both to draw a larger audience on a weekday evening and to help those people with lower incomes get to see the show.

There is a handling fee of $__ per form. This fee will cover mailing tickets to the buyer, which will be convenient for all. Tickets also can be left at “will call.”


Our ticket form: PDF or DOC

Filling out the order form:

  1. Please print.
  2. Fill out the form completely; include accurate contact information for the ticket buyer so the theater can get in touch should there be any questions.
  3. Include your name as the Savoyard contact.
  4. Indicate the number of each type of ticket purchased and the total amount of money paid.
  5. If one buyer purchases tickets for performances on different dates, separate forms are needed for each different performance. Check off the desired performance on each form.
  6. Before handing in the form, double check that all information is filled out completely, and that the correct amount of money is both indicated and included.
  7. All checks MUST be made out to the Carolina Theatre, NOT to the Savoyards.
  8. Put the purchaser’s driver’s license number on any check. If the purchaser doesn’t have a driver’s license number, try to ask for another form of payment, or contact the cast ticket coordinator for further instructions.
  9. Indicate any special seating requests (reserved seats only) on the form.
  10. Indicate whether tickets are to be mailed to the buyer or left at “Will Call.” Remember that you need to allow enough time for the forms to be turned in and processed, for the tickets to be mailed in plenty of time for the show. In the last couple of weeks prior to the production, “Will Call” might be safest.
  11. Fill out the top portion of the form, tear it off, and give it to the ticket buyer.
  12. Cast ticket sales end several days before the performance, and during the last week of cast ticket sales checks will *not* be accepted, so plan ahead!

Give your ticket forms and money to the cast’s ticketmaster.

Questions? Contact our Ticketmaster.

The importance of selling tickets

The cast is often responsible for one-third of the total ticket sales, so please sell lots of tickets if you would like big audiences and good ticket income for the Savoyards. Each cast member receives two comp tickets; however, your nearest and dearest will probably be willing to pay to see you onstage. Therefore, please consider using your comps as “twofers” by giving each one to someone who will buy another ticket to bring a friend.

We hope that each cast member will sell at least ten tickets.

Tips for selling tickets

  • Don’t be shy about selling tickets, because your friends will enjoy seeing our show and watching you on stage!
  • Remind people that buying from you is not only a convenience, but it also saves money for the buyer. There is a $3 discount on any reserved seat for buying from a cast member; furthermore, the buyer saves the surcharge of $3 per ticket assessed by the box office for phone reservations. There are no other discounts!
  • If you are a member of a listserve, such as a neighborhood list or a club, offer the others on the list the chance to buy tickets through you at the discounted rate.
  • Send out a teaser about the show and include your contact information.
  • If you work in a company setting that might generate group sales, contact a member of the publicity team for help in making arrangements.
  • Be creative! You know best what might appeal to your friends!