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Web Site and Other Credits

contributors to this web site

Charlie Register, Anthony Edwards, Michael Rowe, Ann Marie Thomas - the giants on whose shoulders we stand (past web site creators and maintainers).

Derrick Ivey - Much of the 2007-2009 publicity materials and text.

Tracy Delius - photographer of many fine images of 2007's "Pinafore" (clown/circus theme) used throughout the site.

Steve Dobbins - information about e-mail list sign-up, and managing e-mail addresses and lists.

Michael Gray - makes sure the web hosting and domain name accounts are straight and paid up; management of the content of the "Friends" (donate) page.

Houston Horn - maintainer of the smaller concerts pages, correspondent with the concert committee, CMS guinea pig, and willing web committee member.

Daryn O'Shea - manager of the surprisingly truculent cast-staff e-mail list; detangler of spam-blocking snarls; web committee member and tolerant discussion participant.

Larry Landman - assorted and high-quality copy writing.

Janell Lovelace - current website maintenance.